We have had a few instances where customer’s computers have had their date settings changed incorrectly. This can cause a little issue with Oak reportX as the software uses the computer’s time to save call data in the correct place.

The date on my computer has changed

If your computer has had its date changed for whatever reason, the call logger should still keep collecting data but will add the call data into the wrong dated file. All call data is stored in .COL files that are named with the correct date. The date is determined by the PC and therefore will be stored in whichever file your date is currently set to.

If you change your date back to the correct one then you will need to cut all of the call data out of the wrong file and paste it into the correct one. You can which data needs cutting as the date is still set as raw text within the file. Once cut and pasted into the correct file and saved, you will need to reprocess the data using the “Call Processor” service within Oak.

We recommend that if this ever happens, then give us a call so that we can advise you further as some changes are irreversible. At least now you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is still being collected.

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