Most companies still use voicemail. Not many send calls from their main number to voice mail during the day time but commonly most companies use voice mail for DDI (direct dial in) calls and fielding calls out of hours.

But voice mail is often misunderstood, it’s not just for taking messages it can do more than you think. Especially the Mitel 5000’s built in voice processing system!

This article is a quick review of the Mitel’s out of the box voice mail functionality. Most of the customers we sell the Mitel 5000 to are surprised how good it is versus a lot of its competitors like Avaya IP500, Samsung OfficeServ and NEC SV8100.

Most Importantly… Voice Mail

The Mitel’s voice mail comes with capacity for 500 mailboxes. These can be personal mailboxes or group mailboxes. Each voice mail box can be individually tailored to meet the requirements of the group/department or individual. For example the following voicemail attributes can be configured:

Notification station
Forward Email Address
Storage capacity
Call Recording permissions
Greetings and Announcements
Prompts and Envelope settings
Passcode for access

Why you can’t appreciate is the comparable difference in the voicemail interaction with the phones. Some systems not to name any offer a very simple interface that offers very little visual guidance on the display of the phones, however Mitel 5000’s advanced voice mail goes the full way to make it easy and intuitive for its users.

Last but not least if you use Xarios Phone Manager desktop PC software you’ll get visual alerts when new voicemails arrive. Very slick..

Mitel Call Recording

If you are not ready to go the full hog and purchase a server based call recording solution from Denwa (that’s my only plug I promise) then the built in ‘Record-a-Call’ feature is perfect for occasional use.

To activate the record a call for any user (all users can have it if they want it) it’s just a simple programming step made by your maintenance company or in house system administrator.

Once activated on your extension you simply press a button on the phone or dial the feature code 385 and the voicemail starts recording the call from that point forth.

When the call terminates the recording is then sent to the users voice mail box or pre-assigned mailbox (e.g. supervisors). If you have email forwarding enabled then the system will forward the recording to your inbox as an email with a .WAV attachment.

Auto Attendant

Also known as IVR in some countries the Mitel comes with a really good ‘multi layered’ auto attendant. You can make them as simple or as complicated as you need them to be, rest assured whatever you create will be smooth to the ear and accessible by the caller.

Routing Options for Auto Attendant:

Transfer to extension
Transfer to Group
Transfer to outside number
Transfer to another level of auto attendant
Transfer to mailbox
Collected Digits (dial the extn directly)
Hang up
Subscriber Access (pick up voice mail messages)

Call Routing Announcements

Very similar to above however routing announcements serve the following features to hunt groups:

Overflow Messages (please hold)
Position in Queue
Estimated Time to Wait

Very flexible and easy to setup, call routing announcements are very useful during normal working hours and out of hours.

Scheduled Time-based Application Routing (STAR)

The purpose of STAR routing on the Mitel 5000 is that it allows you to setup call routing based on the following factors:

Day of week
Time of Day
Date (and date ranges)

Similar to Avaya IP Office time profiles, Mitel STAR routing is really useful for holiday closures and different opening times for various departments in your business.

Our Opinion

In summary the Mitel 5000 voice processor comes with all the tricks small to medium sized businesses require. It’s not often we come across a customer requirement that can’t be met with the built in voice mail system.

If by chance it doesn’t do it, Mitel have their enterprise voice mail system called NuPoint which extends the capabilities of the 5000 phone system.

Compare Phone Systems

Compare it to Samsung OfficeServ, Avaya IP500 and NEC SV8100’s voice mail and the Mitel 5000 review will come out on top every time. Otherwise someone’s telling porky pies!

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